Granddad Daniel Grant Varner

Granddad Daniel Grant Varner
Daniel Grant Varner (front, far right) and siblings with spouses

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ancestry DNA results received and taking a break

It's been several weeks since I've written anything but I've not been completely idle.  Just not spending much time on research at the moment.

About two weeks ago I received my Ancestry DNA results.  The results seemed to confirm the research I have so far uncovered.

Europe 99%  as follows:

Europe West  42%
Primarily located in: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein
Also found in: England, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic
Great Britain  36 %
Primarily located in: England, Scotland, Wales
Also found in: Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy
Ireland  6 %

In addition to the above Ancestry matched my DNA with others on who have taken the DNA test.  Two third cousins were identified and numerous fourth cousins.  I have been in contact with one of the fourth cousin already and we are comparing our family trees trying to find the common ancestor we share.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had started Indexing on family search again.  I enjoyed working on the 1940 census and some draft registrations but hadn't done anything for quite awhile.  To make a long story short I started indexing the Obituary projects.  Well I'm hooked again.  Not only am I indexing records again but I've now became an arbitrator as well.  I've spent almost all of my free time working on the German immigrant obituary project for the last several weeks.

I really need to make some time and contact some more of the cousins that showed up with my DNA match and I need to set aside some time for some researching as well.